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This is a test for entering a post with a photo, and seeing how to place the photo in a specific spot. It is also just an exercise to begin using this word press site. I am a bit out of practice with web site work, having built my previous site with web easy. I had run into a few problems updating my web easy site, so instead of re-learning and using web easy, I decided to switch to wordpress for a number of reasons. There will, of course, be a learning curve, and the initial attempts are always difficult and confusing, but diving in with this I feel is the best way to start and learn. I had started this site earlier, and made it a bit too complicated, so now I am attempting to go back to a starting position to create a simpler site, deleting most of what I had and trying to get back to a starting position.

freeformYunomi George Watson 111521bYunomi, a Japanese style tea cup.Chawan George Watson 111522P1000464BBBBBB

This is trying to move last two photos down, and inserting this text so the two photos will be below this text, and 4 photos above.

Yunomi George Watson 111521cChawan George Watson 111524