Watson Studio now on Pinterest

My old glass shop that I built from stones uncovered while developing the gardens

My old glass shop that I built from stones uncovered while developing the gardens

Watson Studio is now on Pinterest.   I have many photos there showing my work, my studio buildings, my gardens, and other things.  There will be many, many more photos added.  I hope you’ll take a look, perhaps leave a comment, or pin some of my photos.  I also have a Twitter page, but I’m not yet sure how to proceed or start with it.  Maybe someone will get me started with a tweet, maybe a few hints or suggestions of how to proceed (start).  When I was younger, I would have jumped into this much more quickly.  I am very familiar with computers, and have been using them since my first apple 2C (actually, I think that was my second computer).  However I’ve been, for whatever reasons, slow to get into the social media thing, even though I have recognized its value.  Others my age are on Facebook, twitter, instagram, and whatever else, and have been using smart phones for years.  I consider my phone smart if it connects to the number I dial, and rings when someone calls.  When my son was young, we were about the last to get remote control television, and a VCR (that thing that played video tapes), and he was thrilled that we finally left our cave.  I’m ready to leave my cave again to enter into the social media world, perhaps someone out there can help me into this new world with a gentle tweet.  The links to me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Etsy are in the upper left column of the home page under “‘Links”.

The work that I have for sale is no longer listed directly here on my web site, but instead is on Etsy (ArttoHold), with a direct link from this website (home page center).  I will be showing photos of some of my work here, but to see available work please click on the Etsy link, either in the link section at the top left of the home page, or in the center of the page on the Etsy box showing a few of the items currently for sale.  Clicking on an item will bring you directly to that item, clicking on Art to Hold at the bottom of the box will bring you to my homepage at Etsy.  Items are listed randomly, but are categorized at the left, such as Teabowls, winecups, paintings, etc..  I have been on Etsy for quite a while now, and have 100% positive feedback.  I was (but am not currently) on Ebay, also with 100% positive feedback on 453 items.  (to see, search for thestudioartist, or cut and paste this address  http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=thestudioartist&ftab=AllFeedback


I mention this as I know that some people may hesitate to order online from someone they do not know, but I am very easy to deal with, you satisfaction is guaranteed, and I offer very high quality work that is unique.  Each piece is absolutely one of a kind, as can be seen looking through not only what I am offering, but through photos of all the items I’ve sold (on Etsy go to the left hand column towards the bottom, click on sales, and you can see photos all of the items I’ve sold.  You will not find two alike.

If you would like to get in touch with me, my email address is glassartist70@hotmail.com